On Monday night, Jess Karlsson and Ben Cox visited Rotary Northbridge to speak about Kids’ Camps Inc.

kidscampsJess Karlsson is the CEO of Kids’ Camps Inc., bringing to the organization her experience in working in the NFP sector throughout Australia.  She is also a member of the Rotary Club of Perth.

Jess spoke about the incidence of disability in our society and how it impacts 1 in 4 people.  Disability is defined as that which restricts mental, mobility or sensory function. It is not always visible.

She also talked about the NDIS (the National Disability Insurance Scheme) and its benefits and issues.  The future plan which is quite exciting with funding made available to individuals rather than organisations.

One issue of the new funding model is that there is no funding for respite, which means that organisations like Kids’ Camps Inc will need to find more funding from the private sector.

Ben Cox is Events Assistant at Kids’ Camps Inc.  He founded and coordinated the Ability Idol event for people with disability in 2016.  His role at Kids’ Camps Inc is to help provide financial sustainability for the organization through fundraising and events.

Ben’s focus is now on Central Park Plunge 2016.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for individuals and teams to abseil down the side of the 52-storey Central Park building. Four charities participate in this event and Kids’ Camps is one of them.

For more info, see the Central Park Plunge website.

Several Northbridge members became quite excited about this event and a team had formed before Ben had even finished presenting. Very few speakers have generated that level of enthusiasm at a Rotary Northbridge meeting.

At present John Williams, Frank Fiocco, Luke Bayley and Ann Korsmaa have their hands up to participate. They will each have to pay $100 registration then the team can be put onto the website with their nominated charity, which is Kids’ Camps.  Donations can be made to their efforts. Numbers are limited so this will be done soon.

Ideally, if each participant for the charity raises $1000 then Kids’ Camps will end up with $100,000 from the event.

Stay tuned, folks.