On Monday night, we were thrilled to have Bev and John Lowe of Manna Inc as our guests at Rotary Northbridge.

bevjohnloweThe Rotary Club of Northbridge donates $10,000 a year to Manna Inc, which uses the money to fund a breakfast club and school uniform program at Forrestfield Primary School.  This week, we had the founders of Manna, Bev and John Lowe, come to speak to us about the importance of our donation and also about some of Manna’s new projects.

A surprisingly large of number of children come to school hungry.  The Forrestfield breakfast program provides unlimited breakfast (and lunch) to approximately 20 students a day. Being fed a hearty breakfast, these children can now concentrate in class and participate energetically in their activities. School is a safe haven for these children, where they are provided food, structure and support.

Northbridge Rotary Club also sponsors the school uniform program, which provides a uniform to children who would otherwise not be able to afford one. This allows the children to culturally “fit in” and feel a sense of belonging.

It was great to hear what a profound difference our donations are making to the lives of children, and Bev was very grateful for our commitment.

Bev also spoke about Manna’s new project, providing parties for the elderly. It was heartbreaking to hear from Bev how many elderly people are neglected or, worse, physically, financially and emotionally abused by the younger generations. Many elderly, who are taken advantage of, are left vulnerable to the whims of other people and charities, as they have no other way of supporting themselves. Manna is providing food, entertainment and social interaction for elderly people who would otherwise be lonely.

Northbridge Rotary Club made a swift decision at the meeting that they would help Manna by donating the money to fund the next party.