At Monday night’s Rotary Northbridge meeting, Petrina Bishop, a professional singer and producer, bravely and eloquently shared with the club her story in regards to her fight with depression.

Petrina Bishop

As a young and vibrant girl, Petrina’s parents quickly realised her love and talent for performing and enrolled her in the Johnny Young Talent School.  It wasn’t too long before she was performing with the likes of Dannii Minogue and Tina Arena.

However, as her career progressed and she moved to Sydney, her battle with depression came to the fore.  The ‘black dog’ didn’t leave her alone, and she eventually returned to Perth to seek help.

Many years, many doctors’ appointments and many therapy sessions later, Petrina was able to pull herself out of this dark hole and turn her life around.  She now pursues her singing, producing and life more generally with renewed vigour.

Petrina’s story is one of hope and inspiration, and we greatly appreciate her taking the time to share it with us.