At our last meeting, we had the pleasure of having Suzanne Waldron and Jeremy Watkins as our guest speakers.

ballonabikeJeremy, who presented for the majority of the time, is the owner of ProActive  coaching. Jeremy shared with us a moving story about his father-in-law’s diagnosis with prostate cancer. Interestingly, his father-in-law suspected something was wrong health-wise, but ignored the warning signs until too late.

Jeremy took this opportunity to remind the men in the club that it is worth getting checked regularly, as no one wants a “too late” diagnosis.

This terminal outcome was incredibly sad for his family, but it also gave Jeremy a new perspective on life. It inspired internal reflection, where he questioned his direction and purpose in life. He often asks himself:

  • How am I being?
  • What am I doing?
  • Why am I doing it?

As a result of this diagnosis and subsequent reflection, Jeremy set-up a charity cycling event that journeys from Perth to Margaret River. Since 2012, he has supported and trained over 160 cyclists and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Prostate Cancer.

On 25 August, Suzanne Waldron and husband, Phil Waldron— Executive Chef at Joondalup Resort—will host a gala dinner called ‘A Ball on a Bike’. The 450 set gala dinner, prepared by a range of award winning chefs, will be a an extraordinary, sophisticated and quirky event, where all money raised will be donated to Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

If you are interested in attending or supporting the event, you can learn more here.